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”I have had the pleasure of working with Nicol for the past 8 years in her small group training classes as well as personal training one on one. I can honestly say that she is one of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with and feel so grateful that I found her to inspire and push me to my limits.

Nicol is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and she always is able to help me (or anyone else) that may be having any body issues with pain by modifying the workout and keeping it challenging but achievable. She also provided me with great feedback on my form, which helped me to avoid injuries. In addition to her expertise, Nicol is also incredibly motivating and supportive. There were times when I was feeling discouraged, but Nicol always knew how to pick me up and keep me going. She always knows how to push me to my limits; she also makes sure that I am having fun. I never dread my workouts, and I always leave feeling energized and accomplished.

I have seen incredible results since working with Nicol. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and improved my overall health and fitness. I am so grateful for her guidance and support, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer or joining a great group workout class that is fun and has a great group of people cheering you on.

Thank you, Nicol, for helping me be healthy and happy!”


I set out to embark on a transformative journey through Nicol’s exercise classes in September 2022, and I have been on an incredible trajectory ever since. Her classes, which I have attended 2-3 times a week, unveiled a realm of dynamic, well-rounded, functional, and strategic workouts. Nicol has an unparalleled ability to infuse her workouts with a perfect blend of challenge and adaptability, allowing room for modifications when needed.

Her expertise led her to design a personalized plan that was meticulously tailored to foster sustainable habits over a lifetime. This remarkable journey has resulted in me not only meeting goals and body recomposition, but also gaining knowledge and confidence in making well informed decisions for myself. At 28, I am now in the zenith of my health and fitness.

Nicol’s coaching transcends mere instruction; she provides invaluable feedback on form, enlightening us on how to maximize the efficacy of each workout. It is her unwavering commitment to her clients that truly sets her apart. Nicol consistently surpasses expectations, always going the extra mile to cater to the diverse needs of her clients. Her honesty, professionalism, and non-judgmental approach have created an environment where progress and growth thrive naturally.

In every sense, Nicol embodies not only an outstanding coach but also a beacon of inspiration, guiding us to achieve milestones we may not have deemed attainable.”


“ I have been taking small group classes for many years, and Nicol’s classes remain the most rewarding of any I have experienced. Her classes are always challenging, but at the end of the hour I always leave feeling like I accomplished something I would not have done on my own. Recently I started to incorporate weekly 30 minute one-on-one personal training sessions into  my workout routine, and the impact of her focused training has led me to see noticeable improvement in strength, coordination and confidence. “


“I’ve been working out with Nicole for 6+ years and her classes never get stale or boring. Each and every class provides a different muscle group challenge. I am the oldest person in the class by decades and having worked out with  expert trainers over the years, I can unequivocally say that Nicole’s workouts are the Best! Every workout has many options for different fitness levels yet I have achieved a level of fitness never experienced before!”