We a number of classes to assist you with your individual workout goals


Our Strength classes focus on lifting, building and improving strength. Our program integrates mobility, compound lifts, functional training and stability work into each session.  Strength Classes formats will be as follows:

Push Movements – Squats, Chest, Shoulders and accessory movements OR

Pull Movements – Deadlifts, Back, Glutes and accessory movements OR

Combination of Push/Pull

Our workouts are done in blocks of 8-12 weeks using progressive overload principles by varying the focus on muscular endurance, hypertrophy and strength by changing sets, reps, intensity, tempos (eccentrics and isometrics) and loads.

Each session is programmed and coached by an experienced personal trainer who will provide scalable options when needed and also to make sure you’re pushing the loads you’re capable of based on your experience level.


We aren’t just about sit ups in this class.  Our functional core class challenges your core with integrative, multiplanar, functional movements using body weight and resistance such as kettlebells, dumbbells, bands and other heavy things we can find.  But wait, there’s more….along with functional movement, we’ll make sure you get that heart rate up and work on your cardio endurance with sprints, rowers, assault bikes along with oh so many other ways for you to ramp up the intensity.

Don’t let the description scare you, we get it, you may need to dial it back if you’re just starting out or maybe having “one of those days”, don’t worry – we got you.


We bring it up a notch compared to our regular strength classes. We like getting stronger around here so we’ll continue to use compound movements, varying the types of resistance you use however, we will dial up the intensity with added conditioning work. You’ll build, improve strength endurance, burn and improve your overall cardiorespiratory fitness. Most sets/circuits are timed, scaleable reps are given on our EMOMS and AMRAPS are as many rounds as YOU can. You got this!