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WHY CHOOSE Northbay Strength X fitness

We believe that to optimize your overall health and fitness, you should have a diverse weekly training program.

Our programs are designed with this in mind and includes the following components:

Progressive strength training

2-3 times per week  What we like to focus on: Building strength and muscle.

Moderate to higher intensity training with resistance

1-2 times per week. It’s excellent for you in moderation.

Steady-state workout

1-2 times per week. This is where community counts, we’ll help you find a workout partner or group if you’re looking for one – Hike, jog, rucking, biking, etc.

Active recovery training

1-2 times per week. We believe recovery is key. Mobility, yoga, easy walk, hike or biking, etc.

By incorporating these different types of workouts, you can improve your overall fitness and health.
Our programs are designed to help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner.

NORTHBAY STRENGTH & fitness training

Offering Small Group Classes with a focus on Strength & Conditioning

strength classes

Our Strength classes
integrate mobility, compound lifts,
functional training and stability
work into each session.

functional core & cardio

Our functional core class
challenges your core
with integrative
, multiplanar,
functional movements…

strength & conditioning

Strength and conditioning combined to
give you one heck of a
metabolic workout! 

online scheduling

Take a look at our Online Schedule
of classes and programs that
are available at Northbay
Strength & Fitness


We are small group fitness gym centrally located in downtown Novato.

We offer the first week of classes free, come try us out (Be sure to select 1 week Promo from our Store) 

RATES: We have many options for you to choose from: Monthly Unlimited Classes, 8 Classes Per Month, 10 Class Pass, Drop in Class, Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching Packages.


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874 Sweetser Ave.

Novato, CA 94945

GYM hours

M-TH | 7AM - 7:30PM
FRI | 7AM - 5:30PM
SAT | 7AM - 12PM
SUN | Closed

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